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Our products are made of top quality raw materials provided by world leaders of the chemical industry, and are microbiologically tested on a regular basis by accredited laboratories. They are also subject to periodical global migration tests and heavy metal content tests.


Throughout our manufacturing processes we utilize a series of checks and balances to ensure quality is built into everything we do.

Dimensional checks include:

  • First article checks
  • In process inspection
  • Operator documentation of critical checks
  • Final dimensional, visual, and finish inspection


Our Preform division uses Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to insure we deliver quality preforms to our customers.

Preform checks include:

  • Dimensional inspection on first run tooling
  • First article check for visual defects, weights, and wall variation
  • Operator check for visual defects, and verify weights three times a shift
  • Operators check samples from each and every box before packing is complete
  • Color checks are performed on colored preforms
  • UV check


EFI operates in accordance with IMS – a cooperative program between the Federal and State governments that provides milk processors an opportunity to purchase single-service packaging materials from hygienic plants throughout the world.

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