Our preform library is constantly expanding

The EFI preform library is constantly growing as our business expands into new markets.  With in-house design, prototyping and tool building, adding preforms is an area of strength. Currently, our offer includes:

Preform design and manufacturing capabilities for all your PET bottles

Design focusing on optimal stretch ratios and efficiency features

Preforms can be produced with Post Consumer Resin (PCR)

Light-weighting = reduced packaging & freight costs, reduced environmental impact

Custom color options available

Enhanced barrier protection from Temperature, UV, light, oxygen


Our products are made of top quality raw materials provided by world leaders of the chemical industry.

All products are microbiologically tested on a regular basis by accredited laboratories. They are also subject to periodical global migration tests and heavy metal content tests.

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Our processes ensure we produce only the best quality preforms

Manufacturing Processes

Throughout our manufacturing processes we utilize a series of checks and balances to ensure quality is built into everything we do.

  • First article checks
  • In process inspection
  • Operator documentation of critical checks
  • Final dimensional, visual, and finish inspection

Preform Production

We use proven Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to ensure we deliver quality preforms to our customers.

  • Dimensional inspection on first run tooling
  • First article check for visual defects, weights, and wall variation
  • Inspection for visual defects, and verify weights 3x a shift
  • Operators check samples from each and every box
  • Color preforms tested with color analyzer for accuracy and consistency
  • UV check

Interstate Milk Shippers (IMS) Certified

EFI operates in accordance with IMS – a cooperative program between the Federal and State governments that provides milk processors an opportunity to purchase single-service packaging materials from hygienic plants throughout the world.

EFI has been a great partner over the past several years. They have great technical knowledge, competitive pricing, and excellent service and quality on all preforms they supply. Their speed to market and preform development is one of their greatest attributes that allows us to quickly and effectively ramp up new projects.

Matt O’Neill

VP of Corporate Development at Parker Plastics