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To make customers successful, you need more than just great equipment, you need real connections.


Everything you need

Industry-leading equipment produces top quality PET preforms, both stock and custom. With 40+ years of preform experience and with integrated capabilities like preform/bottle design, prototyping, and tool building, EFI meets all of your needs under one roof.


Always on time

Our proximity to major freight corridors allows us to provide reliable on-time deliveries (> 94%) at cost effective rates.


However you want it

With flexible order minimums, the accommodation of unanticipated demand and fast quote turnaround times, we ensure your business needs are met.

Best Value

Efficiency is key

Being vertically integrated, we reduce our reliance on outside suppliers for key materials & components, which leads to decreased waste & competitive prices.

Our expertise is in Preforms, our capabilities are much more

EFI’s capabilities include tooling, design, prototyping, production & services.

Preform Manufacturing

The EFI preform library is constantly growing as our business expands into new markets. With in-house design, prototyping and tool building, adding preforms is an area of strength. Currently, our offer includes:

Preform Manufacturing

Design & Prototyping

Delight your customers by delivering the very best preform & bottle for any given application. Support brand owners with innovative packaging designs that satisfy the need for solutions meeting their sustainability goals

Design & Prototyping

Custom Solutions

As an expert preform manufacturer, EFI’s capabilities include tooling production & custom services.

Custom Solutions

What a breath of fresh air the team at Electra form Industries is to work with! I have been doing business with them for over 25 years in my career with 4 different companies. I have found them to be honest, responsive, and overall very helpful. At my current employer, we run numerous sets of tooling made by EFI and have been fully satisfied since 2006 with our partnership. I highly recommend EFI as a supplier.

Kim David Lufkin

Design and Development Manager at Envases/Dev-Tech

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Your industry is our industry

Our preforms & tooling serve the following markets:

Packaging Converters

Preforms for all your packaging needs

Bottle Blow & Fill

The latest techonologies, the best engineers

Self-Manufacturing Brands

Supporting your brand with custom preforms

The future is now

From climate change and plastic pollution to the well-being of our employees and local communities, we are aware of our direct and indirect environmental and social impacts

Reduced material usage

Reduce material usage through exceptional design that achieves performance and sustainability goals

Increase Use of Recycled Content

Capability to produce preforms by using Post Consumer Resins (PCR) in containers, and promote re-use wherever possible

Internal recycling programs

Initiate and promote a recycling program internally. In addition to reusing clean scrap (grinding) and reusing cardboard gaylords, we have an employee program to recycle cans, bottles and other consumables.

Zero Plastic Waste

High recycling rate (PCR - post recycled resin) and ability to use recycled content

Reduce CO2 Emissions

Reduce energy consumption through new investments in LED plant lighting and more efficient injection presses. Consolidate capabilities at one site (design, prototype, produce) to eliminate transportation emissions

Operation Clean Sweep

Eliminate of plastic pellets pollution and ensure compliance with best practices for resin containment and protection of the environment