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Industry-leading equipment produces top quality PET preforms, both stock and custom. EFI has over 100 stock blow molds, & delivers all aspects of product development for custom projects.


Our proximity to major freight corridors allows us to provide reliable on-time deliveries at cost effective rates. Our dedicated customer service team works with you to support all of your preform & tooling needs.


With flexible order minimums, the accommodation of unanticipated demand and fast quote turnaround times, we ensure your business needs are met.


EFI is uniquely positioned to provide quality products at competitive prices. Being vertically integrated, we reduce our reliance on outside suppliers for key materials & components, which leads to decreased waste & competitive prices.

EFI is your best value preform solutions provider.

Since 1978, the year preforms first appeared in the market, EFI has been an expert player in the PET preform industry. Along with producing thousands of different PET preforms aimed at meeting our customers’ varying needs, we expanded our offering in 2006 by adding design and prototype services.

Today, EFI is a fully integrated one-stop-shop for all your preform needs. Our focus is on you – the customer – and our goal is to provide you with the best value in PET preforms and tooling. 

Looking for reliable supply of quality products at competitive rates? EFI is your partner of choice. Located in the heartland of America, EFI offers excellent access to freight routes throughout the nation and ensures prompt & cost-efficient delivery.

As an expert preform manufacturer,

EFI’s capabilities include tooling, design, prototyping, production & services.

With 37+ years’ experience building reliable two-step PET preform tooling, EFI delivers tooling that yields quality preforms with optimized cycle times. USA-based test injection machines enable qualification & process refining at the factory, allowing immediate productivity at your facility.

Our extensive library includes tooling for vertical & horizontal systems.  In addition to new tools, EFI offers conversion & refurbishment services (hot/cold half) to maximize value of existing tooling.

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