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PET, short for Polyethylene Terephthalate, is a polyester compound similar to clothing fabric. It is heated and molded into plastic bottles to package consumer products, foods, and beverages. You can distinguish a PET  bottle by the triangle symbol with a “1” molded inside.

PET is strong, chemically stable, shatter-resistant & economical

  • With the advantage of being both strong and light-weight, PET is the material of choice for both packaging producers and end-users alike.
  • PET is an incredibly versatile material with countless packaging applications, from household cleaners and mouthwash to carbonated beverages and peanut butter containers.

PET is eco-conscious and sustainable

  • It can be reused and recycled back into plastic containers, or into other materials such as carpets, clothing fibers, construction materials, and so on. PET recycling programs are available in every municipal region in North America.
  • It is lightweight, which results in less material used to produce the bottle, and less fuel required to transport the bottles to our customers.

PET is recognized worldwide for its safety by health authorities. It does not contain:

  • BPA (Bisphenol-A), a chemical found in other plastics that can cause adverse health effects.
  •  Phthalates (phthalate ester plasticizers). Chemically, PET is a very different molecule from phthalates.
  •  Any hormonal (endocrine) disruptors. There is no reputable scientific data that links PET to estrogen or hormonal modulating activity.

PET forms a barrier against temperature, UV light & oxygen

  • This increases your product’s shelf life and protects it from breaking down. These barriers can also be enhanced with the use of additives.
  • EFI has the capability to produce PET bottles with barrier additives to ensure that your product stays fresh and that your packaging looks great in the market.
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